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Ground Rules

Post by mainadmin » Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:14 am

VeteransBattle.US is a low budget forum designed to be a medium for Veterans and active service members alike to understand and maneuver the VA system. It is operated by veteran, for veterans, with the hope that no-one who have served honorably gets left behind.

Our main focus will be VA benefits, however, anything else that will help and benefits service members/veterans are welcomed with open arms here.

The following rules will be our bible:

1. The only place where profanity will be allowed is the "Rants, rave, bitch, and moans" forum.
2. Please mind your manners, leave your politics and religion at the door.
3. Please be contributing to the topic at hand, and do not go off topic.
4. This forum is not a place to "coach" you on getting specific rating or benefits, please move on if that is what you're looking for.
5. No spamming or trolling.
6. Always remember, official references (.gov, .mil, court cases, etc) are the only ones that will have the correct information.

One veteran at a time.

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